Breakthrough Packaging Technology
For Hoteliers

Our state-of-the-art packaging solution provides you with the ability to:
Package your hotel rates with global discounted air content
Control your hotel selling price without affecting other sales channels
Unlock multiple new revenue streams

Become an OTA

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Breakthrough technology combined with world class content and fulfillment services allowing you to monetize your direct traffic and own your customer.

Our Technology

World class user interface for desktop and mobile.
Integrated with all GDS’s.
Dynamic Pricing Capability.
Fully Branded Experience for your customers.


Connected to all GDS’s, NDC, 700+ connected airlines,  360+ low cost carriers with fulfillment in 84+ countries around the world.


Rentals at over 24,000 locations worldwide with all major car rental companies and local suppliers. Accessible through our contracts or via any GDS.


Over 345,000 activities globally with full refundability for up to 24 hours before the activity date.


Private transfers or shared shuttles at over 3000 airports, stations and ports worldwide.


With 40 award winning travel and hospitality brands that span across 70 countries. You can leverage our global negotiated rates.


Comprehensive travel insurance options to give you and your travellers peace of mind with great commission.

Our Content

Directly connected with leading suppliers from around the world.

Airfares from an Unparalleled Global Network

Our Call Centre Technology

Enables seamless management of customer inquiries supporting multiple channels.
Utilized by Travel Agents around the globe.

24/7 Real Time Support

We understand that no matter how good your product is, the customer service has to perfect in order to succeed.
We have built a dedicated travel specific call center that are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including holidays to support our products.
24/7 Support
Engaged Workforce
Global Coverage
Business Intelligence

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The perfect storm - Enabling our customers to leverage our technology, content and fulfillment services to thrive above others.

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All-in-one platform that allows Leisure and Corporate Travel Agencies to compete and thrive in the marketplace.

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State of the art hotel technology with distribution through +60k agents across 5 continents generating over 8MM room nights.

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Breakthrough package technology with world-class content and fulfillment services allowing hoteliers to monetize their direct traffic.

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